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Chayana's Dad
EmeraldForest Toska

Chayana's Mom
Chimney House Angeliiz

        When Rebecca first sent me pictures of Chayana I told her I was only looking for sealpoint colourations. Then she sent me the next set of pictures and wow, I could not resist this little angle's appealing eyes. We named her Chayana, which is the closest translation to the russian work for first. She is the first Siberian to enter our home and will always be first in our hearts!
        Look at how her colour has changed already. Rebecca thinks she will be the rare chinchilla colour when she is done! She carrys white spotting, red and the chinchilla/shaded polygene plus Mackerel tabby. Will be exciting to see what she can produce with Denise!!

        Chayana arrived on February 16th, 2005. She travelled 3,000 km from Sacramento, California with our horse hauling friend Duane Harrish. She was perfect on the trip and Duane was happy to bring her. Our happy trucker and his rig are pictured below. Her first night in her new home she was a little scared, but the next day she was awesome. We love her!!

        She follows me everywhere and is not scared of anything. When I'm typing my emails she sits right beside the keyboard watching every stroke. She is soooo loving. Jumps up into your hand for rubs and pushes rigth into you for caresses. Purrs all the time and talks to you from where ever she is in the house.

        I was not at all dissapointed when I first saw her. Her soft, fluffy colar gives her a real reagal appearance and her fur is downy soft. Long flowing tufts in her ears give her a true Siberian uniqueness. Her round facial features are true to the breed type. She is just plane Purrfect!!!